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A Systemic Approach to Training Staff

Updated: Nov 12, 2018

Changing cultures with Studio 3

As soon as a person leaves a classroom the real process of learning begins. we focus on implementation on the ground not just theory. To do this we provide training systems not just training courses.

Since our founding as an organisation supporting people in crises across many sectors our approach has developed into a focus on 'culture change', the development of

well-being using low arousal approaches. Our approaches challenge people and cultures to develop a systemic approach to supporting people.

Here are seven key components of our approaches to supporting people and their supporters.

1) We provide a 'systems' approach to all of our work. We work at a number of levels. With individuals conducting direct training to staff, using tailor made. Interventions, supervision and clinical supports, development of a clear organisational message.

2) We support organisations to develop a clear and coherent approach to reducing restrictive practices. A good training approach has to be embedded in an organisations culture or ethos. We routinely audit practice in services.

3) We aim to develop a reflective approach to learning: reflective learners can help to develop 'learning organisations'

4) Our staff focus on implementation of positive practices on the ground not just in the classroom. We are practitioners who are not afraid to role model best practice.

5) We passionately support the human rights of individuals. All of our work is driven by these values.

6) We are driven by evidence based approaches and as such our training and other models of supports adapt to the latest research.

7) Studio 3 training in physical interventions focuses on teaching as few physical interventions as possible. There are methods such as prone and supine holds that we never teach. Indeed, we are regularly involved with organisations to eradicate such methods. If you are interested in any of our training courses please call 01225 334 111 or visit our training pages for more information.


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