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Training Options


Studio 3 trainers have been running courses in physical intervention training since 1992, providing crisis management coaching for individuals working with adults and children who struggle with a range of issues across the life span, from Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASDs) to intellectual disabilities. Our courses are founded upon applied academic research, carried out by specialists within residential homes, day centres, respite care homes and institutional settings. Our aim is to give carers the skills they need to manage challenging behaviours, subsequently improving the client's environment, and developing more positive relationships between carers and clients. After completing a training course at Studio 3, carers report feeling more confident in the workplace, less stressed, and more positive about their relationships with clients.

We offer a number of training courses dependent on the needs of the individual or organisation, including Low Arousal Approaches, Managing Challenging Behaviour, and Crisis Management. On a case-by-case basis we also offer training using a ‘bespoke’ approach, whereby our training is tailored to the needs of the individual. We strongly advocate the need for additional coaching on site, whereby circumstances can be assessed and further guidance provided. We also offer a Train the Trainer programme for participants who wish to become part of the team here at Studio 3. 

Please select your area of interest from the training menu or contact the office to arrange a bespoke course.

Look and See Courses

Our training is very different from our competitors. If you are interested in a Studio 3 programme, or have questions about changing from your current system to us, we advise that key staff can attend a 3-day ‘Look and See’ event.This event is the easiest way to introduce yourself to Studio 3's training philosophies, and to determine, at a low cost, whether our services could be helpful to you or your organisation. This event can be attended by family members and professionals alike, and is ideal for organisations considering our services to send along a nominee to find out more about our approaches. These events are available on request to be held in your organisation or locally.


These events are informal and allow people to experience our training and discuss how it could be applied to their organisation. We encourage debate on these events, and challenge participants to consider their current practice. Participants from organisations often ask about the following:

  • How will low arousal approaches fit with my organisational ethos?

  • What processes are required to change from our current methods of physical intervention to restraint reduction?

  • What should my training strategy look like?

  • How do we create culture change in the area of restrictive practices?

To book a Look and See event for your organisation or service, or to inquire further, please contact us at

The Atlass Programme


Frequently Asked Questions

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