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Our Philosophy


Our philosophy is unreservedly non-aversive in nature. We operate within a person-centred model of support. Our practitioners focus on developing well-being approaches for a whole range of issues.

Who we work with:

  • Children

  • Young people

  • Adults

  • Families/carers

  • Residential children’s services

  • Foster care and adoption

  • Secure services

  • Direct liaison with other professionals including local authorities and CAMHS

  • Schools and educational providers

Studio 3 Neurodiversity Pathways Approach

We provide support in a wide range of sectors, including intellectual disabilities, autism, ADHD, children’s services, ABI, mental health and the elderly in several European countries. In many instances, the cases we become involved with are viewed as highly complex. 

The Studio 3 organisation has a proven track record in supporting and advising on community-based provisions. We also provide specialist advice and input for looked after children and young people who are in receipt of community-based and residential care.

In order to achieve this we adopt a holistic approach to supporting individuals, ranging from ‘one to one’ therapies to specialist psychological supervision and coaching support. Key to our approach is extensive practitioner expertise combined with an ‘in depth’ practical and academic knowledge base. Of course, as befits Studio 3, our practitioners take an empathic and understanding approach to providing personalised support.

Mental Health and Well-Being Supports

Our Neurodiversity Pathways Approach outlined below describes the range of clinical supports we offer to families, individuals and organisations such as services and schools. If you are unsure about which pathway meets your needs, you can submit a referral and our clinical experts can advise you. 

In all that we do, Studio 3 aims to respond to the unique context of need. We take a strengths-based approach to our work, which means helping individuals, families and organisations to think positively as they navigate through a neurodiversity pathway. Our Neurodiversity Pathways Approach seeks to acknowledge the differing perspectives individuals and professionals may have when they reach out to us for support. We work hard to ensure our response is affordable and practicable. We work in many parts of the world and are sensitive to cultural and contextual dynamics. Our pathway approach is an attempt to tailor our response to the unique needs of families, foster carers, support services, clinical commissioning groups, social workers, and indeed all allied health or caring professionals who contact us.

We can adapt our clinical services to meet the needs of the individual and their unique situation, with our team of clinical experts providing a variety of perspectives and specialties. Our clinical team includes clinical psychologists, counselling psychologists and psychotherapists, each with unique expertise.

Within each pathway of support we can also offer coaching and mentoring from our team of clinical practitioners, with input from our training team who specialise in crisis management, reducing restrictive practices, and implementing Low Arousal Approaches. For more information on our training and coaching services, visit

The following is an overview of the primary pathways we can offer you as an individual or organisation:

  1. Diagnostic and Assessment Pathway (for diagnostic assessments for autism, ADHD, ADD, ARFID, PDA, developmental trauma, complex trauma and more)

  2. Family Pathway (for support for families and carers, advice, training, and support with transitions, mediation, and advocacy)

  3. Therapy and Counselling Pathway (for post-diagnostic support including one-to-one therapy, counselling, and ongoing support)

  4. Organisations and Providers Pathway (for staff training, clinical input and advice, debriefing services, supporting transitions and working with organisations to create unique solutions to complex cases)

Please follow the relevant links below for more information about the pathway relevant to you. All of this information is also collated in the PDF document below available to download.

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