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Autism Diagnostic Assessments

As specialists in the field of autism, we can assist with autism diagnostic assessments for both children and adults. In approaching diagnosis, we are careful to take account of complex questions of diagnostic overlap or overshadowing, in that pathways such as complex trauma or social anxiety might offer a more valid fit for the client’s lived experience.


On the other hand, many clients we have worked with have experienced their autism being overlooked, and have experienced stigmatisation and trauma. Our role in handling the diagnostic assessment is to be careful and mindful of these questions. In approaching the question of diagnosis, we will  always focus on finding a model that has meaning for the client, and which will hopefully offer a constructive way forward for them.

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The following links set out in more detail the approach we take to clinical diagnosis of autism at Studio 3:

For further information on options around seeking a diagnosis for autism please contact the Studio 3 office at

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