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About Us

Studio 3 is an independent organisation which provides a range of clinical and coaching services for individuals and organisations. Founded in the 1990s, Studio 3 promotes the ideals, philosophies and benefits of positive psychology and Low Arousal Approaches.

We are the originators of the Low Arousal Approach, a non-aversive approach to managing distress, which encourages stress reduction and de-escalation, with a focus on the behaviour of supporters. Whilst we specialise in supporting professionals and families to best support individuals with autism, intellectual disabilities and a range of other conditions, we also provide training and coaching in a number of areas including for teachers in educational environments and for residential and foster carers, as well as clinical services such as diagnostic assessments and one-to-one therapy for individuals.

Our Philosophies

Individualised Care

We believe in the power of putting individuals at the centre of their care. Our person-centered approach ensures that each person's unique needs, situation, and goals guide our interventions.

Trauma-Informed Practice

In all of our work at Studio 3, we seek to apply a trauma-informed and trauma-aware framework to understanding individuals, particularly those who are distressed. We believe that stress and trauma play a significant role in distressed behaviours, and seek to approach every person with compassion and empathy.

Eliminating Restraint and Seclusion

Studio 3 is a vocal advocate for the elimination of restraint and seclusion in care settings. We work tirelessly to promote alternative, compassionate strategies that prioritise dignity and respect over controls and sanctions.

Listening to People with Lived Experience

We value and actively listen to the voices of those with lived experience. Individuals such as Alexis Quinn, Damian Milton, and many more have informed our practices over the years, ensuring that our services are not only effective but also resonate with the real-life challenges individuals and families face.

Our Mission

At Studio 3, our mission is to revolutionise care practices by championing person-centered approaches, actively listening to the voices of individuals with lived experience, and advocating for the elimination of restraint and seclusion. We believe in seeing the person, not just the behaviour, and we are dedicated to fostering a culture of understanding and empathy.

Our aim is to give carers the skills they need to manage challenging behaviours without situations escalating to crisis levels, subsequently improving environments and developing more positive relationships between supporters and individuals. After receiving training or clinical inputs from our team, individuals and staff teams report feeling more confident in the workplace and at home, less stressed, and more positive about their relationships with the individuals they support.

Our Expertise

Studio 3 is a leading organisation specialising in crafting unique solutions for complex individuals who require individualised care. Our commitment revolves around offering comprehensive training, clinical supports, and psychological services tailored to the needs of individuals, families, and organisations. With a global network of practitioners and a primary focus in the UK and Ireland, Studio 3 is at the forefront of reshaping the landscape of crisis management and psychological supports.


We are specialists in the field of crisis management and challenging behaviour, and are the originators of the Low Arousal Approach, a pioneering methodology that focuses on managing behaviours of concern through creating environments that minimise stress and anxiety. This approach allows us to address challenges by looking at the whole picture with sensitivity and compassion.

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What is the Low Arousal Approach?

The Low Arousal Approach enables professionals, carers and family members to accept and manage distressed and challenging behaviours when they arise, and equips them with the tools to create systems of support around individuals to manage stress and trauma. The approach empowers the individual or team to focus on the ‘person’ in the situation, identify causes for distressed behaviour, and use proven Low Arousal skills to reduce distress and improve overall well-being.

Join Us in Changing Perspectives

By choosing Studio 3, you are choosing an organisation that values innovation, compassion, and respect in care practices. Together, let's build a world where every individual receives the unique and dignified support they deserve.


Discover a new era of care with Studio 3 – Empowering Lives, Embracing Differences.

If you would like more information about our services, or to speak to a member of our team, contact us.

Browse Our Services

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Mental Health and Well-Being Supports

We offer a range of psychological supports for individuals, families and organisations, including therapy and counselling, diagnostic assessments, specialist advice, debriefing, service specification, and much more. Find out more about our Neurodiversity Pathways Approach below to find the service that suits your need.

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News and Events

Read our blog, sign up for our newsletter, or listen back to some of our recent webinars on topics such as restraint reduction, making meaning from traumatic experiences, finding connections with non-speaking individuals, and many more. Our free web events run every month for  families and professionals. 


Training Options

At Studio 3, we provide training for families, individuals and staff teams working in organisations. Specialists in crisis management and non-aversive de-escalation strategies, our experienced team can help you work on stress reduction, Low Arousal Approaches, and restraint and seclusion elimination.

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Access a wealth of resources including academic articles, practitioner reflections, and educational videos from members of the Studio 3 team and our associates. Find out more about the Low Arousal Approach, the science behind stress reduction, flow states, and much more. 

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