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For Organisations

Studio 3 Clinical Services and Training Systems offers a comprehensive range of services tailored to meet the diverse needs of organisations seeking support and transformation. Our evidence-based approaches and commitment to person-centred care set us apart in guiding organisations towards positive and sustainable change.

Training Options for Staff Teams and Organisations

  1. Low Arousal Approaches: Equip your staff with effective strategies for non-aversive de-escalation, creating calm and supportive environments.

  2. Managing Signs of Distress: Build the skills of your teams in recognising, understanding, and responding to signs of distress, fostering a safer and more secure environment.

  3. Atlass Stress Reduction and Coping Training: Support your staff to managing their own stress with our Atlass programme, enabling them to better manage crises and co-regulate with the people they support.

  4. Trauma-Informed Care Training: Essential training for foster and residential carers in trauma-informed care, enhancing support for looked after children.

  5. LASER Programme Training for Educational Staff: Tailored training for educational staff in various school settings, empowering them with strategies in inclusion, Low Arousal, and cultivating systemic change.

  6. Train the Trainer: Organisations can appoint their own in-house Studio 3 trainers, ensuring sustainability in the implementation of our programs.

Mental Health and Well-Being Supports

  • Support with Transitioning to Studio 3 and Service Configuration: Receive guidance on transitioning from existing service configurations to the Studio 3 programme, including recommendations for revising models of service and support. This involves changing philosophies and mindsets, requiring systemic change at both bottom-up and top-down levels.

  • Restraint Elimination: Work towards creating a restraint-free environment within your services and organisation, prioritising safety and dignity. By concentrating on staff training in de-escalation and equipping staff with the tools to effectively manage crisis situations, restraint elimination is possible for your service or organisation.

  • Debriefing, Therapy, Counselling, and Well-being Services: Put the mental health and well-being of your staff at the fore by consulting with our team of experts, who can support organisations by providing supervision, debriefing, therapy, and counselling.

  • Psychological and Neurodiversity Education: Enhance organisational awareness around staff stress, well-being, and understanding the meaning behind behaviours of concern with our tailored educational programs.

  • Supporting Individuals in Transition: Receive guidance and support in facilitating the transition of individuals from secure settings to community-based supports.

  • Clinical Inputs and Insights: Benefit from our expertise in conducting risk assessments, writing care plans, and assessing individual needs within your organisation.

Why Choose Studio 3?

Studio 3 has a proven track record of successful work in diverse organisational settings. Our methodologies prioritise individualised care, promoting positive outcomes for individuals and organisations by working together to find bespoke solutions. We provide ongoing support to ensure the smooth and effective implementation of our programs.

Take the Next Step

Empower your organisation with transformative solutions from Studio 3. Explore our range of services today and embark on a journey towards positive and sustainable change.

Contact us to discuss your organisation's specific needs, enquire about training sessions, or explore how Studio 3 can tailor its services to meet your unique requirements.

Browse Our Services

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Mental Health & Well-Being Supports

We offer a range of psychological supports for individuals, families and organisations, including therapy and counselling, diagnostic assessments, specialist advice, debriefing, service specification, and much more. Find out more about our Neurodiversity Pathways Approach below to find the service that suits your need.

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News and Events

Read our blog, sign up for our newsletter, or listen back to some of our recent webinars on topics such as restraint reduction, making meaning from traumatic experiences, finding connections with non-speaking individuals, and many more. Our free web events run every month for  families and professionals. 


Training Options

At Studio 3, we provide training for families, individuals and staff teams working in organisations. Specialists in crisis management and non-aversive de-escalation strategies, our experienced team can help you work on stress reduction, Low Arousal Approaches, and restraint and seclusion elimination.

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Access a wealth of resources including academic articles, practitioner reflections, and educational videos from members of the Studio 3 team and our associates. Find out more about the Low Arousal Approach, the science behind stress reduction, flow states, and much more. 

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