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Low Arousal Online Training

Studio 3 has been providing training in the use and application of the Low Arousal Approach for three decades. Professionals, support workers, carers and family members have been able to access workshops focusing primarily on practical, non-confrontational approaches to supporting individuals who experience significant stress and present behaviours that may be difficult to manage.  


Training has encouraged support providers to focus on the person rather than the behaviour and try to understand the underlying causes of the behaviour, rather than viewing it as a problem that needs to be solved.  Course participants are also introduced to a range of proactive and reactive strategies as well as being given opportunities to reflect on their own behaviour and how this may impact the behaviour of others.  Time is also devoted to the development of effective coping strategies that can help support providers manage their own stress and anxieties around the individuals and behaviours they work with. The Low Arousal Approach enables practitioners to defuse crisis situations within a variety of settings through early identification and intervention. 


Low Arousal training is available in a number of formats:

  1. Introductory programme: Live, webinar-based training

  2. Advanced Low Arousal Training: Small group interactive training delivered online in small groups of up to 12 people

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The Low Arousal Approach emphasises a range of behaviour management strategies that focus on the reduction of stress, fear and frustration. These strategies are put in place in order to prevent aggression and avoid creating crisis situations. The low arousal approach seeks to understand the role of the ‘situation’ on behaviour by identifying triggers and using low intensity solutions to avoid punitive consequences for individuals with additional needs.

1. Foundations of Low Arousal – Basic Introductory Programme

This introductory programme is designed for two distinctive groups. First, existing organisations that use the Studio 3 Low Arousal Managing Signs of Stress/Behaviours of Concern programmes, who require a basic introduction for new staff that can be delivered rapidly. We should stress that this is an enhancement of their existing in-house programmes rather than a replacement. The second group are people who have never experienced Low Arousal or Managing Signs of Stress (formerly called Managing Challenging Behaviour) training and are looking for an entry level, basic introduction to the course. Individuals may then want to explore and experience our full online programmes.


Course Structure


This introduction consists of 2 sessions, each lasting 1 and a half hours, through Zoom. The sessions will be delivered consecutively with a 30 minute break in between.


Session 1 - Introduction to the Low Arousal Approach


Session 2 - Practical Application of the Low Arousal Approach to a Range of Settings




3.5 hours delivery time in total, now with two training options: from 9.30am - 1pm UK Time, or 1pm - 4.30pm UK Time the first Friday of every month. This includes half an hours break. Book by registering below, or contact Discounts are available for families and individuals with lived experience.



£40 per person + VAT



CPD certificate will be electronically awarded upon completion of the training.

New! Lived Experience Sessions 


Empower yourself with the tools you need to navigate life's complexities with confidence and resilience. Discover the transformative power of Low Arousal Approaches in this online training session tailored specifically towards individuals with lived experience. Whether you are navigating a diagnosis of autism, providing support as a family member, or a user of mental health and well-being services, these new online training sessions are crafted with your unique journey in mind. Register your interest for Lived Experience sessions by emailing These sessions will be co-presented by Studio 3 Ambassador Richard Woods, a leading autistic expert on Demand Avoidance Phenomena (Pathological Demand Avoidance) and PhD student at London South Bank University. 

Friday 9th August


9.30am - 1pm BST

Tuesday 3rd September


9.30am - 1pm BST

July 2024

Friday 5th July


1pm - 4.30pm BST

Afternoon Session

Friday 19th July


9.30am - 1pm BST

Friday 12th July


9.30am - 1pm BST

Friday 26th July


9.30am - 1pm BST

2. Small Group Training – Advanced Low Arousal Training

Live, interactive, small group Low Arousal training for up to 12 people per session is available for individuals who have completed the introductory course, either online or in person at an earlier date. This programme is a more in-depth exploration of the Low Arousal Approach and its practical application, and is split into the following three modules:


Module 1 - Understanding stress, arousal regulation and co-regulation

Module 2 - Understanding the Low Arousal Approach

Module 3 – Managing Meltdowns: Proactive versus Reactive Measures and Crisis Management

Module 4 – Reflective Practice: Challenging Our Own Assumptions and Beliefs about Behaviour


This course is delivered in 3.5 hours including breaks, with each module containing a presentation from half an hour to 40 minutes. To book a place on this course, follow the registration links below or contact us directly at Organisations who wish to book multiple attendees on this course may request a separate training date individualised for their staff. 

Cost and Delivery


£60 per person + VAT. Contact for delivery dates and to book. 

Upcoming Sessions

Tuesday 6th August 2024


10am - 1.30pm BST

Contact our office to book

Tuesday 1st October 2024


10am - 1.30pm BST

Contact our office to book

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