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Submitting a Referral

Studio 3 is a multi-disciplinary organisation which works with individuals, families/carers/parents, services, and schools. We specialise in working with individuals with neurodevelopmental disorders, often with complex and challenging presentations. We have extensive experience and success in developing bespoke support for individuals in need and have undertaken considerable work of this nature.

What Supports Do We Offer?

If you are seeking mental health and well-being support, guidance, and intervention from the Studio 3 team, you can submit a referral to our team of clinicians. If you have a specific type of support in mind, or are seeking guidance, our team of clinicians can work with you to determine the appropriate pathway of support for you or the person you are referring. More information about our Neurodiversity Pathways Approach can be found here, where we outline some of the services we offer. This can include therapeutic and psychological interventions, assessments (we conduct a wide range of assessments, including diagnostic assessments (e.g. ASD, ADHD), psychological assessments, service specifications and ‘360 Assessments’), clinical consultations, and more. We would be happy to talk with you in detail about the options available to you.


We also provide training and coaching for individuals, services, schools and families depending on need. We can additionally develop and provide bespoke training and coaching interventions for staff teams, organisations, families and services in order to build knowledge, skills and resilience. Studio 3 Training Systems specialises in Low Arousal interventions and non-aversive practices. You can see what training we have available here. If you are seeking bespoke training or would like to explore what training we could provide, please submit a referral or an enquiry through our website or by contacting the office.

Making a Referral

The first step is to contact us. When you make a referral, we will need information about who you are, who the person you’re referring is (you can also make a self-referral), and what area you’re based in so we can assign a clinician nearby and assess logistically how we would carry out the work. You will also need to summarise to the best of your ability what the presenting issues are and, if possible, what kind of input/support you’re looking for. A member of our referral team (clinical or training) will be in touch to either get more information or confirm that your referral is being processed.

Sometimes, we may need to do a remote consultation meeting. There will be no charge for this and the purpose will be to get more information in certain areas in order to proceed. This is more likely when there are questions of risk, an MDT is already involved, or we need to determine the scope of our involvement.

The second step is where your referral will be processed. We have a referral review meeting every fortnight where the lead clinicians discuss and determine what potential pathways of support we could offer. Based on this, a proposal is put together and this will be sent back to the person making the referral for their review. The proposal will outline how to proceed, and will require the recipient to reply in confirmation or denial to the proposal. If accepted, appropriate contracting will be outlined and then work can start.

Studio 3 Referral Process - A Diagram

Submit a Referral:

To make a referral, please use the following referral form to provide relevant details of your enquiry, and send the completed form to If you require the form in a different format, please contact our office.

Alternatively, you can make an enquiry by contacting us here, via email, or by phone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who can make a referral?

A: We accept self-referrals, third party referrals, as well as referrals from schools, NHS, parents/carers, advocates, and lawyers/solicitors/legal representatives.

Q: How quickly will my referral be processed?

A: Your referral will be processed within 2 weeks of when you receive confirmation that it has been received. We aim to provide a proposal within 1 week of our referral review meeting.

Q: Are there any costs involved in the referral or proposal process?

A: No, there will be no charges until work has been agreed and any costs incurred in relation to this. We also do not charge for initial consultations.

Q: What kind of support can Studio 3 offer in the proposal?

A: It’s helpful to hear what kind of support you want or envision from your referral, but we cannot guarantee an ‘off the shelf’ response to your submission. At Studio 3 we offer a wide range of training (e.g. managing signs of distress training, Atlass training, Low Arousal Training, bespoke training, LASER training), assessments (e.g. autism diagnostic assessments, ‘360 Assessments’ of need, service specification etc), therapeutic and psychological interventions (e.g. therapy, support plans, emotional support, debriefing, coaching, and psychoeducation).

We review the details of the referral and our team of lead clinicians and practitioners consider what we could offer, who can complete that work, and we put together a proposal based on agreed best practice. This might mean that if you request an intervention, we may need to complete an assessment in the first instance to appropriately inform this.

Q: When can the proposed work start?

A: Once you have accepted the proposal, a member of our team will begin the contracting process. For referrals received from organisations and services, we require an invoice payment agreement (IPA) to be in place before any work can begin. A start date will be agreed with the practitioners completing the work directly, which will be dependent on individual practitioner availability. We aim to begin work within 6 weeks of proposal agreement. Please note that if we do not receive confirmation of agreement to the proposal within 3 months, we may need to complete the referral review process again and provide an updated proposal.

Q: Am I obligated to proceed with the suggested work after receiving a proposal?

A: Once you receive your proposal, it is your choice whether or not you would like to proceed with the proposed work. You can communicate this choice to our office. If we don’t hear from you after a month from sending the proposal, we will check in with you to ensure you have received it, however it is your responsibility to confirm with us that you are happy with the proposal and wish to proceed.

Q: How much will proposed services cost?

A: We offer a wide range of services at Studio 3 and the costing is dependent on many factors such as scope, nature of intervention, and practitioner expertise. If you would like to speak with a member of the team about potential costing before submitting a referral, please give us a call on 01225 334 111. Please note that in-person work will incur expenses for travel and accommodation where required.

Q: How do I pay for services?

A: During the contracting process, payment method will be agreed and details will be taken as needed. For private/self-funded referrals, we are able to offer a payment plan where the total amount can be paid over an agreed number of months. You can speak with someone from our team about this following receipt of your proposal by contacting the office. We typically invoice monthly for ongoing work, or take payment upon completion of stand alone work (e.g. an assessment).

We do accept insurance coverage to pay for work. We can either invoice your insurance provider directly, or invoice you in order for you to claim that money back from your insurance provider. Please agree this with your provider directly.

An invoice payment agreement (IPA) will be agreed during the contracting process for referrals received from organisations and services.

Q: I have received a completed assessment from Studio 3 and wish to proceed with further work. How do I do this?

A: In this instance, we do require you to complete another referral. You can directly contact the practitioner who has worked with you before, contact our office and request a referral form, or you can submit through the usual channels by emailing or using the contact form on the website.

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