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The Stride Project

Studio 3 have teamed up with R&D Training to create Stride, a safe place for people in crisis or under stress.

What is Stride?

Stride is a collaborative project between R&D Training and Studio 3 Clinical Services. Through the Stride project, individuals can go to a safe space to relax, reconfigure, and destress. We must stress that the Stride house is not a permanent placement, but a place to relax and reset. This period of therapeutic planned respite can be as long or short as the individual desires, and can be used as a transition period between services. Individuals can only enter the Stride house voluntarily, and their consent is mandatory.


The aim and focus of the Stride project is to provide a space to relax and focus on personal goals and hobbies in a person-centred environment. Individuals will be given the opportunity to experience independent living, build their confidence and develop their hobbies and interests. Individuals will be supported by their own support workers and our experienced team to contribute to their own care and feel empowered. They will be supported to make the changes to their lives that they envision for their future, and encouraged to develop their self-esteem and confidence in taking control of their lives.

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  • Can I come for a short break?
    Absolutely, there is no minimum time limit on how long you stay for. Stride is a flexible solution that meets the individual's needs, whether that means a short stay or a long one.
  • Can I bring my own things? Will I have my own room?
    The current house has four double bedrooms and one downstairs room. You will be provided with your own room and any personal items you might need, and you are welcome to bring your own things too.
  • What kind of things can I do?
    Before your stay, we will discuss your hobbiesand interests with you and your supporters. This will enable us to arrange a bespoke programme for you, or to suggest some things that might you might be interested in when you come to visit. The kind of activities that will be available include, but are not limited to: - Horse riding - Voluntary work or a part-time job at a local business - Arts and crafts (e.g. painting, pottery etc) - Therapeutic supports - Take lessons or apply for a qualification in an area you are interested in - Physical activities (e.g. swimming, sports centres, sports clubs etc) - Practice independent living skills like budgeting and shopping - Meet with a career advisor - Learn a new skill (e.g. cooking, computer skills etc) - Gardening and growing vegetables in the garden - Advocacy support (e.g. working with an advocate to work out your next steps) - Join a local social group - Discover local history and heritage - Walks at local parks - Counselling and advice
  • Is there wifi at the house?
    There is wireless internet access in all parts of the house, as well as Sky TV, a computer and an iPad for you to use.

About Stride

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This will involve, with the support of Stride team members, building up a an individualised profile of what you want your life to look like. At Stride, you will have a safe space to ask yourself, ‘What am I good at? What do I like doing? How can I achieve my goals?’ The goal is to move away from immediate crisis management and look at the individual’s life on a wider level. A key goal is enabling the individual to explore their own needs and overcome obstacles in their current daily life. At Stride, people have the freedom to choose their own path.


The house is fully equipped to accommodate all individuals, no matter who you are or what challenges you face. At the house, you will be able to access a range of therapeutic supports, creative challenges and opportunities with local businesses. You will be supported at the house either by members of your support team who accompany you, or by our team of experienced support workers, hand-picked to meet your specific needs and interests.

How to Apply to Stride

You or a supporter can contact to register your interest, or request more information.


There is then a screening process which will be conducted online via Zoom, where a member of our team will ask you about your hobbies and interests, what you would like out of your stay at the Stride house, and what kind of person you would most like to work with you. We have a team of qualified support workers who can support you throughout your stay, and we endeavour to match you up with the person best suited to your needs and interests. Alternatively, you may also bring trusted members of your support team along with you for your stay. One of the key focuses is to provide a positive, relationship-building experience that is safe, comfortable and constructive.

The first Stride house is located in County Monaghan, just over an hour outside of Dublin city, Ireland. Stride is a safe place for individuals with a range of additional support needs to come when they are in crisis and their existing support or residency has completely broken down. Designed as an alternative to being involuntarily detained in an institutional setting, Stride provides a safe and calm space where transition can occur naturally, and individuals can be involved in creating a new path for themselves that is in line with their goals. Ultimately, the aim of the Stride project is to give individuals a space to explore independent living, and works towards achieving that goal with the individual in mind. This is not just a temporary fix for when things hit boiling point – this is a holistic and therapeutic model that looks at the whole person, and how best to move forward with their interests at heart.

Stride is a place where real change can happen in lots of different ways. A placement at Stride may start out as a form of respite to decompress from the stresses of daily life. It can also be a place to start exploring what it might be like to live more independently.

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