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Studio 3 Ireland

Studio 3 Training Systems has a pervasive presence in Ireland, and we are involved in many projects to help adults, children and young people in a number of care settings. 

Studio 3 Ireland are the Irish division of Studio 3 Clinical Services and Studio 3 Training Systems.  We have two offices in Ireland: Studio 3 Eireann based in Co. Kildare, and Studio 3 Kerry in Tralee, Co. Kerry. Our brilliant teams provide both clinical input and staff and family training to a wide range of sectors including the autism community, intellectual disability services, children’s services (foster care and schools) mental health and care for the elderly services.

Studio 3 adopt a bespoke approach to people with complex needs and/or behaviours of concern.  Guided by the Studio 3 Low Arousal philosophy, we offer individualised specialist support programmes for the people we work with.   Our approach is based on the principles of Studio 3 Low Arousal and Martin Seligman’s PERMA model of positive psychology. 


Our highly experienced team of professionals provide:

  • Clinical assessments (such as ADHD and autism diagnostic assessments)

  • Therapy and counselling

  • Training (in Low Arousal Approaches, Managing Challenging Behaviour, Stress Management, and more) 

  • Supervision for professionals

  • Behavioural supports

These services area vailable for individuals, families,  professionals, agencies, and organisations on the island of Ireland.   




The Evolution of Training in Ireland

Clinical Services

Find out more about our Neurodiversity Pathways Approach to providing psychological support to individuals, families, and organisations.


Stress, sensory sensitivities and communication difficulties can be a challenge for the individuals we support.  Studio 3 recognises the importance of acknowledging the impact of these and other challenges that people experience.  Recognising that behaviour is a method of communicating an unmet need,  we strive to interpret the meaning behind behaviour and support a person’s right to be provided with whatever supports they need to live a contented, stress-free life.


Over the years, Studio 3 have developed a range of training programmes which focus on facilitating an understanding of how people with complex needs experience an often chaotic world.  By coaching and encourage staff teams to recognise how challenges manifest as behaviours in the people they support, we help foster a culture of empathy and respect. The ultimate goal of Studio 3 Ireland is to promote the development of relationships of trust between the person and their support staff, where joyful and fulfilling lives can flourish, resulting in a quality of life for both the person and their support staff.

Our Community-Based Projects

In Ireland, the Studio 3 team have set up community-based independent living schemes for individuals who present with significant challenges, have highly complex behaviours and have experienced profound difficulties in traditional hospital and residential settings. Studio 3 Kerry was established out of a partnership with a family in Kerry, and we continue to collaborate with the community to provide a high standard of support.

Through working hand in hand with people with different abilities and their families, Studio 3 Ireland has developed a unique and bespoke approach to community living and support. We are committed to supporting people with different abilities such as autism, to live the inclusive, community lives of their choosing rather than the life other’s may wish to impose upon them.

Our approaches are individual and adapted to each person and family we support. We place huge emphasis on autonomy and respect for the individual and are true advocates for people with different abilities who want to be helped to live independently in community settings, whatever complexities and challenges they face in their life.

Each project is based on person-centred planning, personalisation and good life approaches with ‘behind the scenes’ high levels of planning and risk assessment. At a governance level, significant involvement from the individual themselves and their family and friends is paramount

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