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Studio 3 Training Trainers Course

'When I'm stressed and melting down, how do I want to be treated?'

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Studio 3's Training Trainers course goes beyond simply teaching trainers to deliver physical interventions and crisis management training. We seek to instill a philosophical approach to training in all potential trainers, demonstrating that restrictive practices are not the key to managing behaviours of concern. Rather, our trainers provide de-escalation training that focuses on stress reduction and immediate crisis management, starting with reflective practice and low arousal approaches.


In order for our programme to be sustainable, it is important for us to educate potential trainers to the highest standard in all aspects of Studio 3's philosophy, theory, and practice. 

As an organisation we limit the number of spaces each year as we believe it is important to train high quality In-House trainers. Our programme is much longer than our competitors (being a minimum of 15 working days) as we expect trainers to be able to communicate knowledge both in classrooms and in practical settings. 

Attendees will book 3 x 5 day commitments as detailed here.

Attendance at Mandatory Workshops


There are number of mandatory workshops which will cover topics such as:

  • Understanding of the law as it applies to the caring environment.

  • Introduction to physical skills training.

  • Use of role play in training.

  • Advanced movement skills.

  • The role of psychopharmacology.

  • Care staff perceptions.

  • Dual Diagnosis.

  • The principles of Reactive Planning


Trainers must attend at least 2 CPD (continuing professional development) days in

every 12 month period. The latest dates for these events can be found here.

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