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Web-Based Training​


In light of the recent Covid-19 lockdown, we have developed a series of web-based resources for families, professionals, teachers and support workers to access advice, training and coaching from their own homes. This is a very stressful time for all of us, and we understand that some families in particular may need additional support during this period. 

There are four online training options for individuals who wish to access our services remotely:

1) Free webinars every Tuesday from 3pm-6pm UK Time

2) Introductory Course Webinars

3) Web-based live training and coaching 

4) Small group interactive training sessions and consultancy

Currently we are running two online LASER Programmes per month, as well as a one-day Low Arousal course every Friday. These training sessions are open to professionals, families and all practitioners. We encourage families and individuals with lived experience in particular to access theses resources - discounts are available by contacting directly. 

Clinical Services Online

All of our clinical services, including counselling, advice, and assessments, are now available online. 

Our clinical team have developed an online counselling service specifically for families in crisis during this uncertain period, which can be greatly distressing for some individuals. 

Online Events Programme

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Online Training Menu

Atlass Stress and Coping
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