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Book Review

Updated: Feb 11, 2019

A review of Bo HejlskovElvén and Tina Wiman's 'Sulky, Rowdy and Rude?: Why Kids Really Act Out and What to Do About It' (2017)

Yet again Bo Heilskov Elvén and his colleague Tina Wiman have produced a wonderfully reflective book that can be read by families to help them to focus on the behaviour of their child.

In our view, this book can also be read by front-line carers and other professionals working with children. There are a series of easy to read chapters which focus on how to understand the behaviour of young children. There are also very simple chapters which concentrate on the work of Ross Green, who focuses the behaviours family members.

The low arousal approach permeates the entire book. In a user friendly way there are many themes that focus on how we perceive behaviours.

Chapters include: 'Children Behave Well If They Can' and, our personal favourite, 'Conflicts Consist of Solutions'. The authors tailor the book well to their main audience, and we would recommend this book widely.

Purchase from Amazon here or see more from our colleague Bo here.


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