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LASER Online

The LASER Programme is a training course launched earlier this year specifically for classroom and educational settings. This programme provides support for teachers, staff, families and pupils to create Low Arousal environments and manage behaviour of concern. We feel that this work is more important than ever in the current climate, where we find most schools in the UK and abroad have been forced to close due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis.


In these unprecedented circumstances, in which many families find themselves home-schooling distressed and at times challenging young people, our Educational Advisor Gareth D Morewood has adapted the LASER Programme for online delivery to aid families, teachers and supporters during this stressful period.

The online training has been adapted from the original content to suit the new delivery method, and brings into consideration the unprecedented circumstances families now find themselves in having to educate children with complex needs at home. 

The core programme will be delivered across two days in a webinar format, and is open to a large number of participants per session. The training will be live, with the opportunity to ask questions and interact with the trainer. 

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Challenge thinking about whole-school systems and policies

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Improve classroom pedagogy for children with special education needs

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Benefits of the Online Programme:

Learn about the Low Arousal Approach and how it can improve outcomes for young people, staff and families

Understanding stress and how best to support yourself and others

Online Delivery of the LASER Programme

The online course is split into four discrete sections, detailed in the following table. Each session has a delivery time of one hour,  with additional time allowed for live discussion and questions. 


These four sections are delivered over two days in a live webinar format, meaning that they will be viewing the trainer delivering the presentation, and able to contribute questions and comments via a Q and A function within the webinar system. In order to complete the course, participants must attend all 4 sessions in consecutive order. 

Section 1

Understanding Stress and Emotional Regulation

Section 2

What is Low Arousal, and what does it mean to me?

Section 3

Understanding and Applying an inclusive classroom pedagogy

Section 4

Developing a whole-school approach: Being strategic about moving from crisis management into proactive planning


The Online LASER course is delivered in a webinar format, with opportunity for interactive discussion and questions. To book your place on the dates below, email


The cost for this programme is £48 per person, which includes a certificate upon completion of both training days. Discounts are available upon request for families and staff groups. For more information, or to discuss small group interactive web-based LASER training for up to 12 members of staff, please contact us at or call 01225 334 111. 


More Information About the Original LASER Programme

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