Studio III Education Project

In collaboration with Gareth D Morewood

Applied academic research

'A Positive Wellbeing Approach to Behaviours of Concern: Applying the PERMA Model'

-Charlotte Gayson and Andy McDonnell

'Social Comparison, Self Esteem and Depression in People with Intellectual Disabilities'

-Dave Dagnan and S. Sandhu

'On Some Recent Claims for the Efficacy of Cognitive Therapy for People with Intellectual Disabilities'

- Peter Sturmey 

'Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in Older Adults'

- Joan M. Cook

'The Effects of Staff Training on Confidence and Challenging Behaviour in Services for People with ASD'

- Andrew McDonnell et al. 

'Linking Stigma to Psychological Distress'

- Dave Dagnan and Martina Waring

Training Resources

'Crisis Responses to Aggressive Behaviours' 

- David Walker and Amy Gould

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