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The Studio 3 LASER Programme

The LASER Programme is a 2 day course with ongoing supervision for mainstream schools, specialist settings, teachers,  and individuals on applying low arousal approaches and inclusive pedagogy in the classroom.

Studio 3 in Education

At Studio 3, we believe in supporting children and young people with additional needs as part of a child-centred, holistic approach. This includes providing individualised support within educational and classroom settings.

In conjunction with Educational Adviser Gareth D Morewood, we have developed a whole-school approach to providing education for children who have a range of complex needs, and who may also display behaviours of concern.

Here at Studio 3 we are firm believers in inclusion, and have demonstrated through research and practice that it is not only possible to support children with additional needs within a mainstream school environment, but also that it is the way forward for SEND (Special Educational Needs & Disabilities) pupils.

Our work in schools focuses on how to make classrooms, and schools as a whole, calmer, more positive and stress-free environments for all children, particularly those with additional needs.

Inclusion Using Low Arousal Approaches

Firstly, it is essential to understand our own stress as carers and teachers, as well as implementing stress and coping strategies for children, staff and family members alike. In addition, it is important to understand the emotional environment of the school, and to recognise how calm, focused and purposeful environments can contribute to the learning experiences of all children. We are primarily focused on supporting children with additional needs to learn in an optimal environment, free from stress and high levels of emotional arousal. This not only facilitates learning, but also  helps to reduce instances of behaviours of concern.

From 2020, Studio 3 will offer specialised support for schools on an individualised basis as part of our new LASER training programme. This is a two day course, facilitated fully by ongoing support and supervision, which focuses on creating a low arousal ethos as part of a whole-school approach to managing behaviour of concern. 

Restraint in Schools

We do not believe in physical restraint of any kind, and our aim is to implement a pro-active – rather than reactive - framework of support that reduces stress ahead of time and thus reduces instances of behaviours of concern. Things can however still go wrong, and when they do it is important to have de-escalation techniques in place to defuse situations and relieve stress. Strategies such as creating an ‘escape route’ for individuals who are experiencing meltdown can be extremely effective in managing behaviours of concern without compromising an individual’s safety and wellbeing.

Gareth D Morewood presenting a powerpoint

Is your organisation interested in adopting a whole-school approach to integration and support for SEND students (Special Education Needs and Disability)? Find out more about how Studio 3 can help to transform your school and classrooms into calm and stress-free environments where learning can occur in optimal conditions. 

Key Elements:

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Child-centred: Balancing a child-centred approach with curriculum demands is difficult, but it is an essential part of supporting SEND pupils.

Hand squeezing stress ball

Emotional regulation: Recognising stress and regulating levels of arousal contributes towards a relaxed, focused and stress-free learning environment.

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Inclusion: Non-autistic peers are not ‘harmed’ by inclusive approaches; being part of a community means supporting everyone within it

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Low Arousal: Challenging behaviour occurs when people are in high states of arousal. By creating relaxed and stress-free learning environments, we can minimise instances of challenging behaviour.

All of our work is evidence-based with a strong experiential focus. Find out more about the theories and research behind our approaches here.

Studio III LASER logo.jpg

Find out more about the LASER Programme

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Gareth D Morewood

Educational Adviser for Studio III

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From August 2019, Gareth has been working tirelessly as the full-time Educational Advisor for Studio 3 and lead trainer for Studio 3 in Education. We have been working in conjunction with Gareth to develop new training courses and materials for educational settings based upon the well established and highly regarded Low Arousal Approach and the Saturation Model, developed by Gareth and his former colleagues.

Travelling throughout the UK and Internationally, Gareth is using his expertise to support schools, settings, young people and families directly through training, support and individual work. With the launch of the LASER programme, this work has further evolved to meet the needs of UK schools and educational settings further afield. 


To date, work in Dubai, Portugal and the Netherlands has been undertaken, along with extensive work in the UK. Please do not hesitate to drop Gareth an e-mail ( with any inquiries or questions about our services. 

Currently, Gareth is running one-day low arousal courses for individuals and schools who wish to implement emotional regulation and low arousal approaches within classrooms and other educational settings. Beginning in 2020, Gareth and other skilled members of the Studio 3 team will begin delivering the LASER Programme in schools throughout the UK and abroad. 


Training Options

One-Day Low Arousal Workshops

These one-day workshops, delivered by Educational Adviser Gareth Morewood, run throughout the UK and can be requested by your school or organisation. They focus on the concepts of stress and emotional regulation within the context of schools and classrooms, and can be individualised depending on the needs of the organisation. 

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The LASER Programme ​

The LASER Programme is a 2-day workshop, delivered by a member of the Studio 3 team, which can be requested by your school or organisation. The aim of this programme is to implement a whole-school training 'system' towards managing behaviour of concern using low arousal approaches and positive psychology. This course is available from January 2020, and can be inquired about by contact our office directly.

Studio III LASER logo.jpg
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