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'Inclusion Using the Low Arousal Approach' 

In this interview, Dr Pooky Knightsmith (@PookyH) interviews Gareth about the use of the low arousal approach and emotional regulation as part of a whole-school approach to behaviour support. This interview explores some of the ideas developed as part of the one-day training course that draws upon the acclaimed Saturation Model (Morewood et al, 2011), fused with the emotional regulation and low arousal approaches developed by Studio III (McDonnell & Deveau, 2018).

'Inclusion Working in 2015' 

In this film from 2015 Priestnall School ( explores how inclusion can still work within mainstream schools.  Supported by the World of Inclusion ( it features real stories from young people, their families and the professionals with whom they work.

'Notions of Self' 

The ‘Notions of Self’ film was part of a one-day event at Priestnall School ( with the CanDoCo dance company (, supported by the University of Northampton.  This film showcased events during the day, over a decade ago, exploring how we become who we are.

'The Shoeness of a Shoe'

When her daughter Ella was seven years old, she lost her eyes, and it meant Elly had to look again at everything. Ella taught her to #flipthenarrative around how we 'see' people like Ella. That every human is diverse, and that although we are all different, we are the same. We are one. It's vital that we change the whole conversation from a deficit to a positive and in doing so, change the world – to become again a place of shared difference, diversity and understanding - that our strength lies within this not in our fears or misunderstandings.

Background and Theory

'Understanding Emotional Regulation in the Context of Whole School Inclusive Systems' 

Morewood, G. D. (2019) 'Understanding Emotional Regulation in the Context of Whole School Inclusive Systems', INCLUVISION Magazine. Published by JSS Private School, Dubai.

'Educational Interventions for Children with ASD: A Systematic Literature Review 2008-2013'

Bond, C., Symes, W., Hebron, J., Humphrey, N., Morewood, G. & Woods, K. (2016) 'Educational Interventions for children with autistic spectrum disorder – a systematic literature review 2008-2013', School Psychology International, SAGE.

'Mainstreaming Autism: Making It Work'

Morewood, G. D., Humphrey, N. & Symes, W. (2011) 'Mainstreaming autism: making it work', Good Autism Practice Journal, 62-68


'Meeting the Needs of Autistic Girls at Secondary School' 

Morewood, G., Tomlinson, C. & Bond, C. (in press, 2019) 'Meeting the Needs of Autistic Girls at Secondary School', In Hebron, J. & Bond, C (Eds), Educating Girls on the Autism Spectrum: Developing an Integrated Approach, London: Jessica Kingsley.

SENCology Blog

These blogs are published by Optimus Education and are regularly updated.  You can link directly to the latest SENCology blogs here

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Becoming an Adult (with Autism)

Preparing for the independence of university life is a big change for most teenagers. What's it like to make the transition into adulthood as an autistic woman? Our blogger shares potential challenges and her solutions.

International Perspectives and Broadening Horizons

Gareth D Morewood reflects on his latest international conferences, sharing lessons from the inspirational contacts he has made during the last few weeks. 

Why Understanding Our Own Stress Matters

Everyone experiences stress, but why does it matter? Gareth D Morewood shares how we can understand our own stress, and what we can do to manage it. 

Dubai's Inclusive Vision for Education

Inclusion and wellbeing in Dubai: Gareth D Morewood reflects on Optimus' first international conference.

Autism and Peer Relationships

What can research tell us about peer relations among autistic learners, and what can we do in our schools to support?

Working Together to Improve Outcomes for Our Most Vulnerable Young People

Reflections on #CoPro19: Gareth D Morewood highlights key themes and important points to consider in working towards co-production. 

An Inclusive Approach in Every Aspect of School Life

Gareth D Morewood describes how a whole-school approach can inform true values for inclusive schools.

Transition into Adulthood: Moving From School to College

The transition from school to college can be daunting for any teenager. Gareth D Morewood shares the experiences of a former student with autism, and how she deals with the challenges she

faces at college.

Autistic Girls: My Steep Learning Curve

To better support girls with autism, we need more research. Here's what I've discovered so far. 

Autism and inclusion: the saturation model explained

Gareth D Morewood explains how his whole-school saturation model can be implemented to improve outcomes for autistic students in a mainstream setting

Investing in Interventions: What Does the Research Tell Us? 

What makes an intervention effective? How are schools to decide what to fund or deliver? Gareth D Morewood explains what we can glean from the existing literature.

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