Studio 3 Courses and Schedules

Our training is also offered on a bespoke basis and is available to book for your organisation. Our trainers around the world offer staff training and service support in a number of areas. Booking is not available for any of our courses online. To book now, or to inquire about how we can bring our services to you, please call 01225 334 111 or email 

Managing Challenging Behaviour (MCB) 

Our crisis management course, Managing Challenging Behaviour, is a 3 day course with a refresher follow up session every 12-15 months. 

This course can be booked for your organisation and is only available on a bespoke basis. To discuss hosting this course for your organisation or employees, please contact our office on 01225 334 111 or

Look and See Course

Our 3 day ‘Look and See’ events are an opportunity for individuals or key staff members to become familiar with our training options and philosophies, and to evaluate whether our services could be helpful to you or your organisation.

These events are available on request to be held in your organisation or locally.  

The next Look and See Courses in Ireland will be held on the following dates:

13th - 15th July

19th - 21st October

Atlass Masterclass

This is a 3 day course with two, 2-day follow ups which will be very popular, so we suggest that you book early. 

The non-residential cost for this course, including University accreditation, is £2,200. Discounts are available for family members and individuals with disabilities. 

To book this course for yourself or your organisation please contact our support team by calling 01225 334 111, or emailing

UK Dates (Main Office, Alcester)

Ireland Dates (Various Locations)

Induction Course Dates

(3 days)

27th-29th November 2019

18th-20th March 2020

17th-19th June 2020

First Follow Up

(2 days)

30th-31st January 2019

18th-19th June 2020

17th-18th September 2020

Second Follow Up 

(2 days)

17th-18th March 2020

15th-16th September 2020

24th-25th November 2020

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Dates

Our CPD days are for all Studio 3 trainers to continue their professional development. All trainers are expected to attend 2 CPD days every 12 months in order to maintain a high professional standard. 

Our CPD days are also available to attend on an individual basis, dependent on availability. If you are interested in attending one of these days, contact our office. 

Train the Trainer Courses

Train the Trainer Courses consist of 15 days in duration, and are run over 3 separate weeks in 5-day blocks. 

The next upcoming course dates can be found below. For later dates, or to book this course for yourself or members of your organisation, please contact our office at 01225 334 111 or email us at 

International Training is currently provided in North America, Scandanavia, Denmark and Germany. To find out more about accessing our international services, contact our office. 

Induction Course Dates

(3 days)

24th-26th March 2020

27th-29th November 2020

23rd-25th March 2021

First Follow Up

(2 days)

24th-25th June 2020

19th-20th Jan 2021

22nd-23rd June 2021

Second Follow Up

(2 days)

22nd-23rd September 2020

9th-10th March 2021

21nd-22nd September 2021

UK Courses

7th - 11th September 2020

5th - 9th October 2020

2nd - 6th November 2020

Ireland Courses

14th - 18th September 2020

12th - 16th October 2020

9th - 13th November 2020

Minerva Mill Innovation Centre

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