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Introduction to Studio 3 Clinical Support Services

The Studio 3 organisation has a proven track record in supporting and advising on community-based provisions. We work with adults with intellectual disabilities, autism and other neurological conditions. We also provide specialist advice and input for looked after children and young people who are in receipt of community-based care.


We provide clinical inputs to a wide range of sectors, including intellectual disabilities, autism, children’s services, ABI, mental health and the elderly in several European countries. In many instances, the people we help to support are viewed as ‘highly complex’. Our clinical team provide a positive focus on psychological wellbeing and positive interventions.


In order to achieve this we adopt a holistic approach to supporting individuals, ranging from ‘one to one’ therapies to specialist psychological supervision and coaching support.  We encourage individuals and organisational systems alike to develop greater resilience in their approach to supporting people who require additional assistance. We achieve this primarily by applying positive psychological interventions within a strongly person-centred framework. Key to our approach is extensive practitioner expertise combined with an ‘in depth’ practical and academic knowledge base. Of course, as befits Studio 3, our practitioners take an empathic and understanding approach to providing personalised support.

Studio 3 clinical team (top row from left to right - David Walker, unknown, Camille Trueman. Bottom row from left to right - Taz Johal, Catriona Firman, Fional Walker)

Our philosophy


Our philosophy is unreservedly non-aversive in nature. We operate within a person-centred model of support. Our practitioners focus on developing well-being approaches for a whole range of issues.

Who we work with:

  • Young people

  • Adults

  • Families/carers

  • Residential children’s services

  • Foster care and adoption

  • Secure services

  • Direct liaison with other professionals including local authorities and CAMHS.

The anonymised client stories provided in the sections below are selected from individuals that we have provided supports to in the U.K. and the Irish Republic.

Paper chain of a family held in two hands
Man smiling
Studio 3 staff at the office in Alceste
Woman with glasses smiling
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