The Atlass Programme

What does Atlass provide?


The Atlass programme delivers a comprehensive set of tools including both teaching skills and practical information, and is the next step on from our Managing Challenging Behaviour (MCB) Course. This programme is based upon a proven, well-established and internationally respected model of positive psychology. Atlass is succeeding today in a wide variety of care environments, and is for practitioners, family members, siblings, teachers carers and a wide range of support workers.

Coping with stress: Learn how to organise sensory information, managing it in relationships and the environment with stress transactions.

Improve your practitioner skills: Turn theory into practice by using Low Arousal skills to become better at spotting meltdowns and improve your behaviour support skills.

Help with dealing with children and adults with challenging behaviour: Development within the context of inter-subjective experience and how this should be applied.

Coping with stress

Improve your practitioner skills

Help to manage the stress and trauma related behaviour of children and adults

Make de-escalation a science

FAQ videos

Andrea Page from BCU and Andy McDonnell from Studio 3 discuss the Atlass programme:

'It will turn what you know about stress on its head'

BCU accreditation

Academic Research

Research has shown that the Atlass course has a significant positive impact on staff teams in terms of stress management and understanding of behaviour (Larsen et al., 2019).

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