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Studio 3 Newsbites

Staff news, developments from across the globe, and recent events from Studio 3.

Our educational lead, Gareth D. Morewood, presented at the SIKON 2019 conference on the 29th and 30th April in Odense. He delivered a keynote speech titled, ‘Effectively Supporting Student Behaviour by Understanding the Link Between Emotional Regulation and Low Arousal’.

Paul Dickenson, a consulting clinical psychologist providing advice around behaviours of concern, will also have an internal stress and well-being role for Studio 3 staff as of this month.

Congratulations to Amy O’Quinn and Adam Gardiner at Breton Ability Center in Nova Scotia for commencing their next Studio 3 training trainers programme. It is nice to see our work thriving in their capable hands.

Congratulations to Martin Galvin and Paul Phillips (principal trainers in Studio 3) for passing the 100 In-House Trained Trainers threshold. Our work in Ireland is broadening from the learning intellectual disability sectors to schools and mental health.

Congratulations to our colleagues at Pindstrupskolen near Aarhus in Denmark who are leading the way in applying a stress and well-being framework to their pupils.

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