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Working In Partnership with Schools Around the Globe

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

Our Educational Adviser, Gareth D. Morewood, has been incredibly busy since starting full-time at Studio 3 in August. In conjunction with the Studio 3 team, Gareth has been involved in some exciting new projects in UK Education and abroad, with training packages and other projects underway, to be revealed soon.

Gareth has been working to deliver high impact work with professionals, families, and young people themselves in the past few months, with excellent outcomes so far.

In August, Gareth visited Emma Dibden at Jumeirah English Speaking School (JESS) in Dubai. Here, Gareth delivered training sessions on low arousal, stress, well-being and inclusive pedagogy, which were very well received by both staff members and families in attendance.

JESS is an extremely progressive private school, which champions inclusion in every facet of school life for all children alike. Gareth will be returning in February to support Studio 3’s ongoing work with the faculty members here and continue to implement the inclusive vision across Dubai’s private and public schools.

Gareth Morewood of Studio 3 on stage presenting training in low arousal, education and emotional regulation
Gareth delivers training in Dubai, 2019

In addition, Gareth delivered a One Day Training course in Low Arousal, Inclusion and Emotional Regulation as the result of a BrewEd grass roots event earlier in the year, in which this training course was offered as a raffle prize donated by Studio 3. Read about Gareth's BrewEd experience here:

The raffle prize was won by Max Kelly of Dhoon & Laxey Schools on the Isle of Man, where Gareth delivered a training day in September. To hear more about the work Gareth did and the impact of this training, listen to the podcast below in which Gareth interviews colleagues Max Kelly and Craig Astin of Laxey school.

Finally, for the last two weeks in September Gareth has embarked on the first leg of a long-term contract with St. Dominic’s International School in Portugal. In the initial two weeks of this fantastic opportunity, Gareth has met with over fifty families and worked with school psychologists and specialists to develop individual plans for the young people, and will be returning in December to continue supporting family’s needs and to offer further training and assessments.

Additional to this work, Gareth was able to meet with Carolina Viana and Sofia Algeria to discuss future opportunities to work alongside Studio 3 in Education, including bilingual events and co-production with families.

Looking forward, in October Gareth will be delivering a range of training and educational events in the U.K. and Ireland and also running a series of events with the Parenting Special Children Charity in Reading during November.

Studio 3 will be working with them to delivering workshops and training for young people, families & professionals.

Stress and Emotional Regulation Events in Reading from @studioiii in partnership with @PSCRuth & @MsJoBillington:

13 Nov 16:30 - 18:30 for Children & Young People -

14 Nov 09:30 - 14:30 for Parent/Carers -

14 Nov 16:30 - 19:00 - Twilight Session for Professionals -

15 Nov 09:30 - 16:00 - Stress & Emotional Regulation Full Day Training Course for Professionals & Practitioners -

Optimus Education logo
New training package coming soon from Studio 3 and Optimus Education

Finally, a new training package developed by Studio 3 in partnership with Optimus Education, will be available to purchase for your school or organisation shortly, and can be inquired about through our office by contacting or calling 01225 334 111.

As ever, there is plenty going on at Studio 3, and we will continue to ensure that Gareth is kept very busy in the months to come!


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