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Staff News October 2020

All of our recent staff news from the past few months, including news from our colleagues and associates, and welcoming new trainers to the Studio 3 team!

A Recap of the Year So Far and New Developments

The past few months have been chaotic and unpredictable for people all across the world. As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, Studio 3 have moved all our services online as of April 2020. This includes all of our clinical services and training systems, plus additional online events which will continue to run with the aim of sharing information and providing much needed support.

Zoom screen: top left Sean Macreavy, top right Adam Harris, bottom left Peter Vermeulen and bottom right Andy McDonnell
VUCA Online Conference, May 2020

We kicked off in April with a web conference on the volatile, uncertain, complex and often ambiguous nature of the world, particularly for people who require additional supports. Since then, we have run a series of free webinars and all-day live events on a range of topics, with talks from a range of international experts such as Peter Vermuelen, Adam Harris, Kelly Mahler, Bo Heijlskov Elven and Dr Pooky Knightsmith, as well as contributions from experienced members of the Studio 3 team.

We will continue to run a series of online events in addition to our online training. Our next event focuses on ‘Creating a Restraint-Free Culture,’ and will be live from 1pm (EST) on Tuesday 3rd November. Sign up now to access exclusive talks from Professor Andrew McDonnell, Gareth D. Morewood and Dr. Rebecca Fish!

All of our free webinars are available to playback here.

In addition, The Reflective Journey: A Practitioner’s Guide to the Low Arousal Approach is now available to purchase in multiple ebook formats from our online shop for just £4.99! A physical copy of the book is also now available for just £9.99, so be sure to get your copy now!

Online Training Options

Studio 3 are now very pleased to be able to offer Low Arousal Introductory Training, Advanced Low Arousal Training and LASER Training online, open to families, parents, carers, professionals, teachers and other support staff. For training dates and other options, visit We have a number of free places on all of our online events for families and individuals with lived experience when you contact

In addition, all Studio 3 trainers will be contacted shortly regarding guidance for delivering training during the Covid-19 pandemic, which continues indefinitely. This training is compulsory for all Studio 3 trainers, and will take place in the following months.

New Team Members

We are delighted to welcome five new staff members to the Studio 3 team this month! Firstly, we would like to welcome Naomi Rodgers, who has joined Gemma in the office to help out with administrative duties, and is helping to keep us up and running on a day-to-day basis! We have also welcomed Liz White as a member of the Clinical Services team. Liz is a Counselling Psychologist and we look forward to learning from her expertise! Finally, we would like to extend a warm welcome to our three new Project Workers, Amanda Larsen, Shannen Poulton and Sasha Spence, whose work will be incredibly valuable in the coming months.

News from Our Associates

An upcoming free conference that may be of interest to our staff and associates is the ‘Journey of Autism’ event on the 11th November. Speakers include our own Professor Andrew McDonnell, AsIAm founder Adam Harris, and Dr Brian McClean, amongst others. This event will be held on Cisco Webex from 8.30 AM to 15.30 PM (GMT).

Sign up for free here.

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