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September Newsbites

Updated: Mar 17, 2020

All the latest staff news from Studio 3, including new team members, exciting training developments, and recent publications.

Our first exciting piece of news is that we will be hosting an international conference in Kerry, Ireland in October 2020! To be the first to know all the details of this event, register your interest now at to join our exclusive mailing list for the conference. The name 'NEART' is derived from the Irish word meaning strength, and is the theme of this conference. Stay tuned for more information in the coming month such as speakers, venue and more!

Secondly, we would like to offer a warm welcome to our new colleagues in Kerry and Scotland! We are joined by a team of new assistant psychologists whose work in the coming months will be invaluable as our work in Ireland and Scotland continues to grow and develop.

In addition, Gemma Holdsworth will be joining us in the main office in Alcester, Birmingham full-time from this month as our admin extraordinaire! She will be on hand to answer any queries you may have about our services, and to assist our trainers and clinical teams!

We also welcome Elly Chapple, founder of #CanDoELLA, as an adviser, who will be working closely with our educational lead Gareth D. Morewood in the coming months. With Elly's motivation and expertise we hope to have a meaningful impact on the lives of young people and their families, and #flipthenarrative when it comes to restraint and seclusion in schools.

Low Arousal Supports Educational Resilience (LASER) logo by Studio 3
Coming soon: The Studio 3 LASER Project

Additionally, Gareth Morewood and Professor Andrew McDonnell have been working on developing a new training programme for schools, titled the LASER Programme (Low Arousal Supports Emotional Resilience). This programme is due to launch in October, and will be available throughout the UK and Ireland.

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Mary Maher of the Maynooth office in Ireland is now the clincal co-ordinator for all our work in the Republic of Ireland, and will be liasing closely with Carl Benton, our clinical manager in the UK. Mary has been a valuable member of our team for many years and we know that she will thrive in this new role!

In other news, our Train the Trainer courses in Vancouver, Canada are going from strength to strength thanks to lead trainer Rob Whiskens. In addition, our work in Breton Ability Centre in Nova Scotia continues to flourish, with Director Andrew McDonnell visiting there this week!

Our project with Pindstrup Skole in Denmark is gathering momentum, focusing on applying the stress and well-being model to children with special needs. Our associate Signe Lo Scott Larsen has just had a publication regarding an Atlass programme in Denmark accepted, which should be appearing in an upcoming issue of Good Autism Practice.

In addition, a new publication by Professor McDonnell, Paul Dickinson and the late Dr. Michael McCreadie is now available in The SAGE Handbook of Autism and Education. This chapter discusses Behavioural Issues and Supports, and is part of a collection of articles on Barriers to Education. This academic text is highly informative and shares the positive psychological framework we adopt in our work, and we are honoured to be associated with it.

There is also a rumour that Professor McDonnell is in the process of writing another book on gastric operations...

Stay tuned for more Studio 3 news in the next few months!


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