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Improving Outcomes in Education

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

With the Studio 3 LASER Programme due to launch later this month, we consider the impact our education project has already had on schools throughout the UK and internationally.

The Studio 3 LASER Programme was developed specifically for schools and other unique educational settings. This programme seeks to implement low arousal approaches to managing crisis situations within classrooms. Key goals include reducing stress and increasing staff confidence, thus creating calm environments optimal for learning.

This new training, developed by Studio 3 Director Professor Andrew McDonnell and Educational Adviser Gareth D. Morewood, is now available to book for your setting in 2020! The LASER Programme will be launched in Stockport at an exclusive 2-day event from the 20th-21st January, 2020. Here, lead trainers Andrew McDonnell and Gareth Morewood will provide a full day of training followed by a second day of workshops, for just £50 per day. There are limited spaces available for this event, so book now by contacting us at Further deliveries of the programme have already been booked in Dubai, Sweden, Denmark and Ireland.

In 2019, our Educational Adviser Gareth Morewood was exceptionally busy, working across the UK and abroad with families, young people, and educational establishments. Most recently, work with Parenting Special Children Charity saw workshops for young people and families on stress and well-being delivered in Reading. These were extremely well received, as was a one-day course attended by almost 100 delegates.

Gareth also continues his work with St Dominic’s International School in Portugal, working directly with young people themselves as well as delivering training for staff and workshops for families. There has been significant positive impact within this school culture since we have undertaken this long-term partnership with the school.

In addition, Gareth and Elly Chapple both recently attended the Barking and Dagenham School Improvement Partnership (BDSIP) Conference in London. Elly kicked off the annual SEND conference with a keynote speech on flipping the narrative within school cultures, and the importance of seeing one another as equal human beings, all deserving of a seat at the table. Gareth also presented at the event, discussing low arousal approaches in school settings, the need for co-production and the importance of inclusion.

Gareth stressed that there is no one-size-fits-all solution, and that what works in one school may not transfer well to another setting. Gareth also ran a workshop on the importance of stress and coping in schools, which can be very challenging places. Stress support plans should be about ensuring a calm and relaxed space for learning to occur for all pupils.

The demand for family and educational support is great, both here in the UK and abroad. It is our goal here at Studio 3 to provide high impact, low cost strategies for schools and families alike. In addition to the LASER Programme, we can provide specialist support for individuals and staff training in low arousal approaches. For more information on how we could help in your school or setting, contact Gareth at


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