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Hello from the Team at Studio 3 Kerry

An update from the team at Studio 3 Kerry based in Tralee, Co. Kerry who provide psychological support to families, individuals and services.

Who Are We?

Studio 3 Kerry is a member of the Studio 3 Group that includes Studio 3 Clinical Services and Training Systems. Based in Tralee, Co. Kerry, our specialised team works to deliver bespoke independent support services to individuals throughout the county.

Image shows a table at a conference with two women sitting
Studio 3 Kerry

Studio 3 Kerry’s mission is to work with people with different abilities, as well as their families and other service providers. We endeavour to listen to, value, and respect our service users’ wishes, and meet their needs in unique ways that are kind and as stress free as possible.

We do this through building open and trusting partnerships, and developing services that are based on best positive practice. Our approaches challenge conventional service-led approaches, as we support our service users to lead their own care and support to the best of their ability.

Our team also offers training and consultations to families and practitioners supporting people with additional needs. Our services also extend to professionals working in residential, educational, and foster care environments.

Our training is focused around three core models:

Our dedicated clinical team also offers a variety of assessments and consultations.

What the Future Holds

2023 has been a massive year so far for Studio 3 Kerry and our service users. Most notably, one of the individuals we support has completed their transition from their family home into their own home in their community. This significant milestone was successful as a result of incredible hard work from the individual, their family, and their team. This transition plan was the outcome of meticulous planning by the entire Kerry team (aided greatly by the expertise of the family), who took into account the finest elements in order to ensure its success. This year, we hope to expand on this even further by building on the good start and helping the individual to achieve some of their lifelong goals.

For more information about the work we do at Studio 3 Kerry, please get in touch with our team using the contact details below.

Written by Elaine Griffen and Dylan Hallett,

Studio 3 Kerry

Contact us:


6 High Street,


Co. Kerry,

V92 EP95

Phone: (066) 712 8872




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