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Training Options

Studio 3 trainers have been running courses in the management of challenging behaviour since 1992 and our courses are based on applied academic research carried out in residential homes, day centres, respite care and institutional settings. We aim to give carers the skills they need to manage challenging behaviour so that the environment for the clients improves and the carers begin to develop more positive relationships with their clients. We also find that after the course, carers feel more confident in the work place and enjoy their jobs more, hopefully with less stress. Our training has a number of options, some services require our evidence based core 3 day training course in the Management of Challenging Behaviours. Depending on need, some organisations require shorter training courses that focus on low arousal approaches. We are strong advocates that training often requires additional on the ground coaching. On a case by case basis we also offer our training using a ‘Bespoke’ approach, tailoring the training to the individual needs.

We currently provide training across a broad spectrum of issues across the life span. These include: people with intellectual disabilities, autism, aquired brain injury, older adults, children and adolescents and many others.

Please select your area of interest from the training menu or contact the office to arrange a bespoke course.

Trainer’s Charter

Studio 3 sets high standards and have high expectations of all trainers.  To maintain standards our ‘Charter of Trainers’ is given to all qualified trainers as a minimum set of  standards.  Currently a 15 point document this covers the most important issues from the approach and development of trainers to describing some of the main techniques.

Training Trainers

We recognise that for our model to be sustainable, we need to train trainers for organisations.
Our high programme quality standards mean that it takes a minimum of 18 working days to become a Studio 3 trainer, others train people very rapidly (6-10 days as a range).
We also audit our trainers.

Steve Allison Introduction

Steve introduces himself, his Studio 3 responsibilities and what the train the Trainers course is.

Proven techniques in realistic settings

Trainers will teach Studio 3 methods of physical intervention in ‘non matted’ areas that reflect the working environment where methods are applied. We also train your staff to become trainers and support them with this.

Training, Low Arousal, Atlass

Lessons learnt from Winterbourne experience

The abuse of service users by staff at Winterbourne View has been a reminder that such practices can occur in any organisation and indeed any country. When supporting the most vulnerable in society we must be aware that staff should remain constantly vigilant.

What makes us special?

We are the originators of the low arousal approach.

This crisis management approach has evolved into a philosophy of behaviour management. The central key to the approach is that we have to be highly reflective practitioners to work with people who are in a state of hyperarousal.
We recognise that people who experience meltdowns require a sensitive approach. To do ths we have to take their perspective. We always begin by asking the question ‘how would I like to be treated in such circumstances?’ Our world leading training model has had positive impacts on supporters across a wide range of cultures.

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