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Robert Whiskens

Robert Whiskens

Director of Training

Robert began working as a trainer for Studio3 in 2004 and has a broad range of experiences across the neurodiverse specialist part of care and support. Before joining Studio 3, Robert was the regional coordinator for an outreach team based in the Midlands.
Prior to this, he had worked for several large autism specific service providers around the country. Each service provided the people it supported with a slightly different model of support. The people he has supported have varied vastly in age, need, and ability, but all could become distressed when their needs were not met.
Since working for Studio 3, Robert has frequently worked alongside much broader service user groups. From this he has gained valuable experience and knowledge in both respecting and supporting a range of differences and difficulties. Robert has also delivered lectures at Birmingham University and Birmingham City University on the subjects of autism, supported living, social support groups, education support, and the need for Low Arousal Approaches when supporting distressed individuals.

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