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Staff News: Introducing Elly Chapple

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

We are delighted to announce that Elly Chapple, founder of CanDoELLA, will be joining Professor Andrew McDonnell and the Studio 3 team as a Specialist Consultant as of this month.

Elly will be working closely with our Educational Advisor, Gareth D. Morewood, developing new training and support for teams working within schools, for family members and working with young people themselves.

Elly’s recent TEDx talk powerfully highlights how her traumatic personal experience has allowed for a unique perspective and level of expertise in reducing stress, applying low arousal approaches and reducing restrictive practices.

More details about the new training and projects Elly will be involved in will be announced in the coming weeks.

Follow Elly on twitter @elly_chapple and join her cause to #flipthenarrative


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