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Train the Trainer Course FAQs

We believe that in order to achieve the maximum benefits of this course, trainers require at least 15 days of coaching. Our goal at Studio III is not simply to educate trainers on how to carry out our training courses effectively, but also to impact the way they think about training and intervention in general. 

Why does this course last longer than other trainer training programmes? 

Our train the trainers programme is founded upon a clear evidence base of applied psychological research and academic studies. Our trainers will be taught the theoretical and practical rationality behind our methods and approaches, as well as the philosophy which drives our training. 

What are the foundations for this course?

Is there a pass/fail criterion for this course?

Yes. Unlike other trainer training programmes, we have a clear set of aims and objectives for potential trainers, who are assessed at three stages of the course. 

At Studio III we stress the importance of first-hand experience, and therefore routinely assess candidates delivering our training to real life audiences. Trainers are taught methods such as roleplay and audience interaction in order to facilitate learning, rather than to rely upon less engaging presentations. 

Are participants assessed in classroom settings only?

In addition to remaining in contact with all of our qualified trainers for future talks and events hosted by Studio III, we expect all successful candidates to attend a minimum of 2 days of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) per annum. At Studio III our trainers are given a life-long philosophy, and we hope that our continued support and mentoring enables further learning post training.  

What is the outcome of this course in terms of continued contact with Studio III?

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