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Supporting Staff

The Studio 3 team provides indirect support for frontline and professional staff who are working with individuals with complex behaviours. This can include staff working in residential care settings, schools, foster homes and supported living situations. As our work with service providers developed we started to proactively engage with commissioners to ensure that presenting risks and behaviours could be safely managed whilst positively meeting the emotional needs of vulnerable individuals.

Our services include: 

  • Risk assessments for specific individuals presenting behaviours of concern

  • Development of safeguarding strategies and approaches

  • Reduction of restraint as a behaviour control method

  • Stress management (for staff and service users)

  • Behaviour management strategies for high risk individuals and services

  • Providing practical advice, specialist staff/carer training and one to one support.

  • The preparation of psychological reports for staff, representatives of placing authorities and other concerned individuals on request.

  • Carrying out pre-placement assessments and visits, and to give a professional opinion on issues related to suitability of placements

  • To assess other aspects of staff organisation and systems

A Studio III Story 

John is a 22 year old man with intellectual disabilities who is described by his support staff as irritable. Many of his supporters are wary of him. We supported him by training the staff in low arousal approaches and helped them to understand that sometimes stress overwhelmed him. We also relaxed his rigid daily activity schedule. Within a year the intensity and frequency of his behaviours of concern reduced.

In addition to specialised support, we also offer training courses in crisis management, low arousal and stress reduction which can be applied across the board. These are available for individuals and staff groups and are university accredited. 


For more information on how we can help you or your organisation, please contact us by email at, or call 01225334111.  

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