Jamie’s first experience of the areas of people with learning disabilities and/or autism with behaviours of concern was as a sibling. These early and informative years of experiences shaped Jamie’s life and career in which he could now be classed as an ‘elder’.


He then trained as a Registered Nurse, then Assessor and Teacher in clinical practice. Jamie post-graduated from the Bethlem Royal and Maudsley Hospitals as a Registered Nurse Behaviour Therapist. He worked with the IABA (www.IABA.com) and Gary LaVigna in California for nine months and experienced how to implement values-based high quality person-centred, multielement services within an evidence-based framework.


Jamie has held various posts, ranging from a Care Worker to Clinical Nurse Specialist post within the regional forensic health authorities and social services. He has also held Director and CEO positions. His motto is simply ‘if staff and carers are OK then so will others’.


In-between 2008 - 2012 Jamie experienced his own traumas. After processing he decided on changes to his life priorities. In 2012 Jamie decided upon a career change and has since undertaken various training in the fields of Mindfulness, Positive Psychology Interventions and Strengths-based approach practices. He has been especially interested in the areas of Wellbeing; especially Seligman’s PERMA Model, the emotional and social intelligence model, the field of Interpersonal Neurobiology and Trauma Informed Approaches (TIA’s).


Jamie now works as a ‘Wellbeing Consultant’ at the individual, team and corporate levels. He is also the Director of Wellbeing at Changing Lives Building Dreams (CLBD) based in Kent UK. Jamie has worked in the UK, Europe, America, India and Africa.


Jamie has been a Mindfulness practitioner for over 20 years. He is a Mindfulness-based facilitator specifically the Mindfulness-based Strengths Practices (MBSP) programme - Jamie's own signature strengths are: - Appreciation of beauty, fairness, curiosity, honesty, kindness, leadership & hope. Jamie’s approach is embedded in the strengths and positives that each of us have as capacities to flourish.


Jamie is part of the Studio III Team and is a Consultant with them for Mindfulness and Emotional and Social Intelligence. He has undertaken the Studio III ATLASS Programme - A Positive Psychology, Wellbeing and Stress Management Framework, accredited by Birmingham City University. www.studio3.org He is also accredited with the Korn Ferry/Hay Group www.kornferry.com an International Management Consultancy group as a practitioner with the Emotional and Social Intelligence Competencies Inventory (ESCI).


Jamie is grateful to have a wonderful Son, Ollie who is also in the Wellbeing industry. He loves nothing more than just being with him and their ‘wasting time’ together. Jamie is an experienced mountaineer and has climbed extensively in Scotland and the Indian Himalayas. Jamie has a small parcel of woodlands which are used to provide a place of peace, wellbeing, sustainable energy sources and biodiversity for natural wildlife and plant species.


He can be contacted at jamie@taaw.co.uk

Mob: +44 (0) 7850 705140