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It was Jamie’s own personal experiences as a family member that most influenced his value base, practice and career. Jamie had a brother (Garry) who had intellectual disabilities, autistic spectrum disorders and who needed to present with behaviours of concern. From Jamie’s earliest memories he has been a campaigner for people that are vulnerable and marginalised. His main focus and interest is positive wellbeing and to enable people to lead as least restrictive lives as possible.

Jamie trained as a Registered Nurse, Assessor and Teacher in clinical practice. Jamie post graduated as a Registered Nurse Behaviour Therapist. He has held various posts, including a Clinical Nurse Specialist post within the regional forensic health authorities and social services.

Jamie is a passionate advocate and practitioner for the reductions in the use of restrictive practices and the increase in opportunities for people to achieve freedom. He left the statutory sector and founded a service provision company providing specialist residential care, supported living and domiciliary support for People that would otherwise have been in more restrictive environments. The company became a leading service provider in the South East of England. Jamie was the Practice and Managing Director of this company for 22 years. His specific interests and approaches were the systemic application of Multielement positive approaches, stress-models particularly the effects of stress upon people using and providing services.

In 2012 Jamie decided upon a career change and has since undertaken various training in the fields of Mindfulness and Positive Psychology Interventions.

Jamie is currently an Individual and Organisational Awareness Coach. Jamie has been a Mindfulness practitioner for the last 15 years. He is a Mindfulness based facilitator specifically the Mindfulness based Strengths Practices (MBSP) programme – Jamie’s own signature strengths are: – Appreciation of beauty, fairness, gratitude, honesty, kindness, leadership & judgement.

He is also accredited with the Korn Ferry/Hay Group an International Management consultancy group as a practitioner with the Emotional and Social Intelligence Competency Inventory (ESCI).

Outside of his professional capacity Jamie is lucky to have a wonderful family Kath and Ollie that have supported him throughout his career. He loves nothing more than just being with them.

Jamie is an experienced mountaineer and has climbed extensively in Scotland and the Indian Himalayas.

Jamie loves to travel and has been privileged to visit many unusual and beautiful countries.

Jamie has a small farm whereupon he breeds & raises ‘Rare Breeds’ (sheep, pigs and chickens) for the conservation of native indigenous breeds. He also has woodlands which are used to provide a sustainable energy source and biodiversity for natural wildlife and plant species.

Jamie Emberson

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