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Studio 3 will often work with both the individual and carers trusted by them to ensure that therapeutic support is continued outside of therapy sessions.  Additional support and training is also provided on a regular basis to these carers in order to ensure consistency and continuity.  


Our trained professionals will work to implement non-aversive strategies to create a positive psychological framework of support, understanding and compassion.

A Studio 3 Story

Martin has a history of mental  health issues. He lives on his own in a small town. He has limited supports from a small team of staff. In the past Martin has been in trouble with police, these involve violent acts usually after he consumes  large amounts of alcohol. Our staff have supported him to develop a positive approach to his wellbeing, this includes a physical health plan and a strategy for avoiding drinking excessively. His support is ongoing.

Working with Individuals

Here at Studio 3 we have an experienced team of staff who have a diverse range of skills (including CBT, PBT, psychotherapy and systemic working). We provide individual therapeutic programmes on a case-by-case basis, and tend to work primarily with highly complex situations and people. Much of our work focuses on extreme anger, physical and verbal aggression, self-injurious behaviour and self-harm. In addition, we employ trauma-informed approaches in our work with individuals who suffer with trauma or abuse across the lifespan.

This includes working with adults and young people who:


  • Have experienced trauma and difficulties in attachment

  • Have a developmental condition, mental health problem or intellectual disability

  • Present significant levels of self injury and behaviours of concern

  • Have patterns of eating disorder

  • Obsessive behaviours

  • Have been in trouble with the police

  • Have significantly aggressive and violent behaviours

  • Have issues with drugs and alcohol

  • Have been victims or perpetrators of sexual abuse, or present sexually inappropriate and harmful behaviour

We provide therapeutic support by developing a  programme which includes long term objectives that are informed by clinical assessment. The frequency of support sessions are dependent on the needs of the individual, and can therefore be long-term or on-going. 

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