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Supporting Children, Families, and Carers

There are a number of ways in which we can  support families in crisis. Oftentimes we train families in low arousal approaches to managing behaviours which can be challenging, as well as providing clinical supports and supervisory advice. Our aim is to provide families with an intervention toolkit which can help them to implement a positive psychological framework within the home, in order to create a less stressful environment with coping strategies in place to prevent crisis situations from arising.


We also support adoption services, providing advisory comments, training, support and therapeutic intervention.


Our involvement in services for young people, their families and supporters started in the early 1990’s. From our observations, we at Studio III decided that help was needed for young people and their supporters. We aim to foster an understanding of the young person’s concerns and anxieties through training and one to one work with the young person themselves.

A Studio 3 Story

Liam is 11 years old with a diagnosis of autism and ADHD. He has recently been excluded from his school because of behavioural issues. The school are being trained in low arousal approaches and a specialist member of the Studio 3 Team is working with his family and teaching staff to develop effective non aversive behaviour management strategies.

How to contact us


We accept enquiries from families, the NHS, Local Authorities, and Non-governmental organisations.  Where referral is made from an organisation, we require the referral in writing on headed notepaper.  For private families a contact form will be sent out from our office.


The cost of a diagnosis can vary depending on the amount of time required.  Please contact our office to discuss basic costs and any additional cost that may be required.

Paper chain of a family held in two hands

What do we do?


We deliver a range of integrated psychology, specialist behavioural support, psychological health and psychotherapy services for the benefit of children and young people.  


The support we provide to families, carers and young people include:

  • Conducting detailed assessments to identify and respond to the child’s individual needs and abilities.

  • Identifying and supporting families and young people in recognising and understanding the true impact of poor life experiences, trauma, abuse and neglect.

  • Independent baseline and specialist clinical assessments

  • The development and maintenance of management guidelines and risk assessments/enhanced risk assessments.

  • Individual Behavioural Support Programmes

  • Integrated 'good life' approaches to changing difficult behaviours - i.e. positive psychology interventions

  • Independent monitoring, evaluation and review

  • Psychological and integrated psychotherapeutic support including direct therapeutic work with young people and staff (for individuals one-on-one, as well as in group settings)

  • Psychological health assessments and long-term support

  • Crisis support for young people who present with behaviours which may be concerning or challenging, including immediate telephone support.

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