Reports and presentations

Atlass Coping, Resilience, Wellbeing for People with Behaviours of Concern

contains Atlass information, including course details and University accreditation.

Staff training in physical interventions

contains published studies that include training staff in physical interventions.

The controllability beliefs scale

..used with carers of people with intellectual disabilities:

The effects of staff training on staff confidence and challenging behavior in services for people with autism spectrum disorders

Full Report on Staff training in studio3 approaches a peer reviewed study..

The effectiveness of low arousal approaches

Low arousal approaches are used worldwide and have a great deal of popularity. However, despite being conceptually strong there is a scarcity of hard data. this article provides a clear conceptual framework for the approach.

10 Things you can do to support a person with difficult behaviours

Useful document by David Pitonyak

Studio 3 Powerpoint Presentation ..

Leadership and Reducing RP Powerpoint Presentation ..

Case Study Presentation ‘Astrid’ pdf ..

A Wellbeing Approach to Challenging Behaviour

Presentation given in Bromsgrove on 13th April 2015

Practical Skills for Managing Challenging Behaviour

Autism Presentation given by Andrew McDonnell

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