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Atlass Programme Details

The Atlass programme was developed in response to the growing awareness of the role that stress plays in the onset and maintenance of challenging behaviour or difficult episodes, and the impact it has on people’s lives. By acknowledging developmental difference, the Atlass programme teaches practitioners to examine stress and coping in themselves, the people they support and their carers. To that end the Atlass approach teaches participants how to develop and implement Stress Reduction Plans for individuals taking account of the transaction between the person, their relationships and their environment.

Numerous studies have identified that carer stress plays a significant role in episodes of challenging behaviour and can mediate within a stressful encounter. Research has noted the impact that stress has in staff working for services with people with autism, and other challenging behaviours, and can have a significant impact on how that staff group interpret and respond to challenging behaviour, which ultimately affects the development, implementation and monitoring of both care and education plans.

'It's a mind-changing experience'

All of our courses are BILD accredited. For more information please get in touch by phone or email. 

The Atlass programme is an internationally recognised programme which focuses on applying principles of stress management and wellbeing to supporting people with autism and other additional needs. The Atlass programme has a number of specific aims to assist course participants in understanding the role of stress in the person’s life within the context of cognition, environment and relationships, and how this contributes to what may be viewed as challenging behaviour.

Atlass for personal development

Birmingham City University
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Get university accreditation: Atlass is accredited by Birmingham City University awards by the Credit Accumulation and Transfer Scheme (CATS).

Qualify for promotion: With these skills you can meet the growing need for qualified practitioners.

Travel with your care skills: Atlass is not just UK based, and the skills learned are, of course, without borders!

What do we provide?

At Atlass we provide training, intervention, assessment, advice and consultancy for families, support services and individuals using a positive psychology approach. 


     We provide generic training in developing an understanding of autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) and challenging behaviours, which  can be applied across a range of issues and is relevant to supporting individuals with a variety of additional needs (including intellectual disabilities, trauma, neurodiversity, acquired brain injuries etc). We also deliver training which is more specific to groups or topic areas. These include:

  •    Parent workshops

  •    Carers and foster carers workshops

  • ·  Seminars for Professionals

  •    Understanding Sexuality and Autism

  •    Responding to difficult or challenging behaviour

  •    Positive Behaviour Support Strategies

  •    Working with people with Asperger’s Syndrome

  •    Using cognitive behavioural approaches

     Our practitioners work with children and adults across the autism spectrum and across the lifespan. Our training sessions are designed with this in mind and cater to the additional needs of people with ASD and other neurological differences. Whenever training is requested we pay great attention to the needs of the client and ensure that training is tailored to meet those needs.

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