Do you know Studio 3 provide a range of specialist clinical services supporting both children and adults?

Our aims at Studio 3 are to develop empathic confident professionals who are specialists in applying a low arousal approach. Who can maintain a safe environment but still see the person they are supporting and not just the behaviour.

What we can provide:

We can be contracted to meet a short-term specific need or to provide longer-term on-going support to:

  • Organisations working in: education, older adult care, learning disability, forensic and mental health settings.
  • We work both in private secure settings, public secure settings and in transferring between services and leaving care
  • We additionally work with all age ranges from children, young people, adults and older adults.
  • Further supporting families, parents and supporters in homes, schools, residential and assisted living.

We specialise in working with people with highly challenging behaviour needs including severe self-harm, physical aggression and complex trauma. Further we work with individuals who have intellectual disabilities, Autism, Mental Health, Dementia and Acquired Brain Injury (ABI).



Training is not just about teaching skills but about encouraging people to reflect on their own behaviour and understand the behaviour of others. Further, our training goes beyond the classroom and we coach on the ground as and when required.

  • Providing bespoke training to fit the individual
  • Evidence based training in managing challenging behaviour
  • Helping an organisation mange their crisis management responses
  • Supervising and supporting team members
  • Encouraging reflective practice
  • Tailored restraint reduction plans
  • Provide transition from secure to non secure settings
  • Provide transition from child to adult services
  • Supporting the return of ‘outsourced’ placements
  • Supporting larger organisations in developing new services
  • Parachuting in specialist provision to prevent placement breakdown


Specialist Clinical Practitioners:

We have specialist low arousal clinical practitioners whose skills can be used to support according to the needs of the individual or organisation by:

  • Conducting assessments and observations
  • Capacity Assessments
  • Cognitive assessments (WAIS and WISC)
  • Psychological assessments
  • Clinical needs assessments
  • Taking a positive psychology approach to stress reduction
  • Providing therapeutic input including: CBT, counselling, psychotherapy, mindfulness, systemic therapy and psychology
  • Conducting court reports and forensic assessments
  • Risk assessments, outcome reports and evaluations
  • Conducting stress reduction through Studio 3’s behaviour management approach

By collaborating these two services, Studio 3 provides a holistic and systemic approach to behaviour that challenges.

We provide services throughout the UK, Denmark, Germany, Norway, Republic of Ireland, Sweden, Australia, Canada, Israel and South Africa. We also support NPO’s in Greece and Malta.


If you are interested in gaining our support you can contact our triage team by:

Phone:  01225 334111