STUDIO3 CANADA: Looking forward to 2016

2015 has witnessed the establishment of Studio3 Canada in partnership with the Autism Awareness Centre lead by Maureen Bennie. There has been a huge upsurge in interest in low arousal approaches. The aim of Studio3 Canada is to spread the news about this approach to organisations across the country. There is no doubt that these approaches have a real fit with Canadian culture.

First of all, the shear scale and beauty of Canada is always a little overwhelming. Andy McDonnell and Ady Tredwell did manage some sightseeing in Alberta (beautiful views!).

Studio3 Managing Challenging Behaviours 3 Day Training Course: Calgary, 26th to 28th October 2015

This event was led by Dr Andrew McDonnell, Clinical Psychologist and Director of Studio3 and assisted by Ady Tredwell from the UK. The course is an evidenced based programme which focusses on the use of low arousal approaches. Each day focussed on behaviour management issues ranging from demand reduction in crisis to the physical management of behaviours. In the latter case the ‘movements’ developed are different from other training programmes as they emphasise the low arousal approaches. The key mantra ‘manage stress and behaviours a less of an issue’ was strongly reinforced to participants.

There was a broad range of participants who attended the programme mostly from educational backgrounds. The low arousal approach challenges people to think about their own behaviour focusing on reflective practice. The course participants were strongly encouraged to think about how they interact with people on the spectrum. One participant even stated ‘ I need to think a bit more before I approach a stressed young person’.

Many participants compared the training with other North American training systems, again, there was a feeling that the low arousal approach was gentle and appropriate and definitely a non violent approach. ‘ This training approach is far less confrontational than the others I have experienced’.

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