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Studio 3 Charter of Trainers

Studio 3 actively supports the development of high quality trainers. We also acknowledge that accreditation standards can vary from country to country. In the UK Studio 3 supports the BILD code of practice and accreditation process. However, we are aware that these standards reflect a minimal criterion.

Because we set high standards and have high expectations of all trainers the following Charter is given to all qualified trainers in our approach as a minimum set of  international standards.

1.  All trainers operate within  a Human Rights framework ( UN Conventions)

2.  Trainers are required to evaluate their training and monitor its impact.

3.  Trainers attend professional development training.

4.  Trainers are subject to unannounced audit of their teaching practice.

5.  Trainers will not teach methods not approved by Studio 3 Training Systems.

6.  Trainers support the abolition of prone and supine restraint holds.

7. Trainers must demonstrate ‘out of classroom’ teaching time as part of their practice

8. Trainers do not support the use of aversive interventions.

9. Trainers support he adoption of low arousal approaches to the management of behaviours.

10. Trainers are expected to operate within a clear ethical framework.

11.  Trainers are expected to encourage and support the reduction of all restrictive practices in their organisations.

12. Trainers respect the diversity of the people they support and support anti discriminatory practices.

13. Trainers will teach Studio 3 methods of physical intervention in ‘non matted’ areas that reflect the working environment where methods are applied.

14. Trainers are expected to coach staff ‘on the ground’ as a matter of best practice.

15. Trainers have a responsibility to monitor the implementation of Studio 3 approaches.

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