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What is Studio 3?

Studio 3 was founded by Andrew McDonnell in 1992.  The aim was to provide both training and clinical consultancy services.

Who do we support?

We provide a range of supports for children and young people, older adults, intellectual disabilities, autism, acquired brain injury. Our services are not just UK based. We are an organisation with a worldwide focus in Europe we have programs in Denmark, Germany, Norway, Republic of Ireland and Sweden. Worldwide we have developing programs in Australia, Canada, Israel and South Africa. We also support not for profit collaborations in Greece and Malta.

What do we do?

We are specialists in supporting individuals with a range of behaviours of concern.  These include, the  management of physical aggression, Self Injurious Behaviours (SIB), Trauma and abuse, both with children and adults, Self harm and Autism.

How do we work?

We work on a range of levels from direct one to one therapies (CBT, Mindfulness, psychotherapy) to on the ground mentoring and coaching. Our staff will work alongside supervision of psychologists and behaviour support specialists, offer advice to service leaders and Directors and develop organisational approaches to change cultures.


Management of Physical Aggression
Self Injurious Behaviours (SIB)
Trauma and abuse, all ages
Self harm

Our Vision

We promote cultures that focus on wellbeing. We help to create a safe and restriction free world where people can live fulfilled and meaningful lives.

Our Themes

1) We believe that a child who self harms can get meaningful employment.

2) An adolescent who has committed a serious offence in the past can be supported to move on.

3) We believe that their past does not have to rule a child’s life.

4) We demonstrate that there are alternatives to restraint.

5) We help supporters see beyond the behaviour of the people they support.

6) We help supporters to be more reflective.

7) We are optimists and role model this practice.

8) Happiness and general wellbeing are core principles of also four approaches.

9) We help people to see beyond the crisis.

10) Our training is designed to promote confidence and reduce fear responses.

11) We encourage reflective practice in all our work.

12) We help supporters to understand that they are part of the solution.

13) We focus on being trauma informed in our practice.

14) We help supporters to develop positive relationships.

15) We are scientist practitioners and apply evidenced based knowledge to real life situations.

16) We do not just provide training we also campaign for the people we support.

17) In confrontations one person always need to back down and that should always be use.

18) We help organisations to manage risk and focus on risk taking

19) We help to develop a positive ethos of support with the organisations we support.