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The Atlass Programme

Studio3 is known as a leading edge organisation in developing person centred reactive approaches to the management of challenging behaviours. The Atlass programme is a proactive approach to supporting people with complex challenging behaviours. The University accredited programme continues from strength to strength. This 9 day programme places stress management at the heart of autism. […]

The first Studio3 Conference in County Kerry.

In June we hosted the first conference in Kerry which focussed on supporting people in community. The title of the conference ‘Let me grow in my own way’ emphasised the nature of individualisation of supports for people in community settings in partnerships with their families. Over 100 delegates ranging from professionals and staff to families […]

Good crisis management training is still needed to help build confidence

Whatever proactive approach is adopted by an organisation either Mindfulness based support, Positive Behaviour Support etc, there is a need for good crisis management. But, be careful what you are buying. Training organisations claim that they have an evidence base or that they are against restrictive practices but check the reality very closely. What is […]

Studio 3 News Update

Here is an update on some of the Projects and staff that Studio 3 are involved with. 1) Daniel Rippon our PhD student at the University of Northumbria is currently in thesis writing mode. We continue supporting his aim to focus on stress management for caregivers. 2) Roy Deveau is currently developing a practice based […]

Trainer Focus: Nancy Beaton our Trainer of the Quarter

This newsletter our focus is on Nancy Beaton, one of our Trainers from the Breton Ability Centre in Canada. Here are a few of her thoughts about her role and the Low Arousal approach. Nancy Beaton most important and busy job would be mom of Erin 15 and Ryan 11. I started my career at […]

Atlass for Stress Management, a Public Health Approach to Learning and Inclusion

By Signe Lo Scott Larsen, MA in Educational Psychology (Translated by Kirstine Dupont, Professional Communicator) Coping strategies, low arousal or stress transactions are some of the terms Pindstrupskolen live by. Every day the practitioners at Pindstrupskolen, a special school in Jutland, Denmark, are using the specially designed Atlass stress reduction programme. The Atlass programme, designed […]

Is it OK for people to be angry? Are we aiming for zero behaviour?

When writing plans for the people we support we often do not think about the end goal. Are we aiming for zero behaviour? Studies show that people can be openly angry on a regular basis.  Anger is a component of our lives. In essence we need anger. Anger should not always be construed as negative. […]

The Studio 3 Train Trainers Programme Training Dates (starts May 2018)

Are you a potential Studio3 trainer? As an organisation we limit the number of spaces each year as we believe that it is important that we train high quality In House trainers. Our programme is much longer than our competitors ( minimum 15 days) as we expect trainers to be able to communicate knowledge both […]