Professor Andrew McDonnell STudio 3

Studio 3 Staff and Supporters News by Andy McDonnell

We’ve been off to a flyer again this year with so much happening at so many levels – here are some of Quarter 1’s activities, movements and appointments to report ..

  • Rob Whiskens has moved on to work with Jay Baughan at the SED Institute after 13 years. This organisation focusses on social and emotional development and growth. Rob will continue to be a tutor on our Atlass autism and stress programme and to use his words he is still a Studio 3 person! We wish him well and of course once you are a senior member of Studio 3 you can never completely get away.
  • Kit Howe is currently training trainers in Winnipeg, Canada for a number of education districts.
  • From April 1st Steven Allison will assume the role of Director of Training. Steve will be focussing more time on training standards and trainer development.
  • Paul Philips our Irish training lead has trained over 40 trainers in the Irish Republic in the first few months of the year. To use his words ‘the programme seems to be expanding exponentially.
  • Andy McDonnell recently delivered behaviour management workshops in Vancouver Canada.
  • Later this year we will be launching our redeveloped offer of training and support in educational settings. This will focus on all sectors of education.
  • Michael McCreadie and Mark Weatheral recently presented their work in Denmark focussing on stress. We at Studio 3 continue to support the work of Mark and his colleagues at the University of Northumbria.
  • Mr Paudie Galvin has joined Studio 3 as an Irish services consultant/advisor. Paudie has a wealth of knowledge about Irish services and of course is a great advocate of our approaches.