Low arousal and the SPELL framework from the National Autistic Society

Studio 3 has developed the low arousal approach over the last 20 years. The concept of low arousal is a cornerstone of many behaviour management programmes for people with autism but, did you know that it is part of the framework for understanding autism developed by the National Autistic Society in the UK?

There are frameworks for autism training that relates to challenging behaviour.  The SPELL framework, developed by the National Autistic Society in the UK would be useful to focus on in terms of a training framework.  The SPELL framework was developed for understanding and responding to the needs of children and adults on the autism spectrum.  The framework is useful in identifying underlying issues, in reducing the disabling effects of the condition, and in providing a cornerstone for communication.  It also forms the basis of all autism specific staff training and an ethical basis for intervention. SPELL stands for Structure, Positive (approaches and expectations), Empathy, Low arousal, Links. We are proud to be associated with such a programme.

Fact Sheet on SPELL from National Autistic Society here: