STUDIO 3 is accredited again

We are pleased to announce that Studio3 Training Systems has successfully achieved BILD accreditation this is in effect from January 2016 and is for a further 3 years. Studio3 Training Systems is an active supporter of the code throughout the UK. Our founder Dr Andrew McDonnell was involved with the development of the first Code of Practice in 2002. Although the accreditation scheme is not mandatory but voluntary in nature it represents a good basis for supporting platform for organisations. We asked Dr Andrew McDonnell for his reflections on the code.

He affirmed the need for the code but highlighted some future needs for its continued evolution. ‘ I think the code of practice, represents a basic level of accreditation and it has been strengthened by the strengthening of the independence of the panel process and the inclusion of Positive Behaviour Supports as part of its ethos’ Dr McDonnell also argued that the code needs to focus on risk assessment of specific methods to encourage safe use of physical interventions. ‘In 2008 my colleagues and I outlined a risk assessment panel based methodology where more controversial physical interventions could be evaluated, using a set of structured questions. This was published in David Allen’s book ‘Ethical Approaches to Physical Interventions II. This methodology exists and would in my opinion be a useful adjunct to the process’

The code represents a platform for providers and we as an organisation will continue to support its application and development.